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“Oh yeah, I saw Jade. Didn’t sleep for weeks.”

In a story that I’m having trouble wrapping my head around, horror maven Rob Zombie directed the episode of “CSI: Miami” that will air Monday. Co-executive producer Barry O’Brien called the episode, which features Michael Madsen and ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, “darker, spookier, scarier, and more dangerous with a lot more edge.” Duh.

A friend of Zombie’s who works on the show had been after the heavy metal rocker and “Devil’s Rejects” director for years to direct an episode, but Zombie’s schedule never allowed for it. When he finally had the time, he was looking forward to the challenge…

Zombie says longtime fans won’t feel like they’re watching a new show, but Zombie fans will recognize his stamp. “In the opening scene, it’ll seem obvious [that I was the director],” said Zombie. “But I wasn’t trying to disrespect the show by disregarding anything they’ve done. I wasn’t trying to turn it into something different.” [NYDN]

In fact, in a WARMING GLOW EXCLUSIVE, I’ve obtained the story board for the opening scene, and I can confirm that Zombie leaves his stamp while keeping the differences tastefully subtle. See below.

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