Whoa, Danny Bonaduce Is a Badass?

09.10.10 8 years ago 10 Comments

Well, I was not expecting this. Below is home video of Danny Bonaduce — post-“Partridge Family,” pre-reality TV, and likely during his long love affair with mullets and hard-core drugs — going bananas with a pair of nunchucks during a martial arts demonstration. I mean, he’s not a complete badass — he is, after all, a diminutive redhead — but he doesn’t hit himself in the groin (unfortunately), so it’s safe to say that he could beat up hippies and even large children.

The best part — aside from the crowd shots of people looking bored — is when the announcer says, “And now we’re going to have a special guest appearance from Danny Bonaduce.” The reaction is several seconds of disbelieving silence, followed by cautious applause. Everyone just assumes they’re being pranked. “Who? Danny Partridge? I thought he was dead?”

[Found Footage Fest via The High Definite]

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