Whoa, I Do Not Remember This Episode of ‘Golden Girls’ (Links)

04.26.11 8 years ago 14 Comments

Welcome to the morning links. Click on them or I’ll starve to death. Banner image via sentivivo.

Sasha Grey will take your questions now. “Can I, uh… take you to dinner? That can either be a metaphor or not.” [Uproxx] (Reminder: If you have any interest in what’s happening on the Internet, you really need to be following what the Cajun Boy’s doing on the Uproxx main page.)

‘You are under so much arrest.’ If you’re not a long-time reader of The Dugout, meet two of the comic’s greatest characters: Elijah Dukes and LadyCop. [With Leather]

Superheroes and Supervillains Throughout History. As if Stalin wasn’t enough, now the Russians have Darth Vader. [Gamma Squad]

Top Ten Movies People Lie About Having Seen. I’ve never actually seen Taxi Driver (#3 on the list). I don’t particularly feel the need to lie about that. [FilmDrunk]

After the jump, more links and a “Saved by the Bell” GIF that will set Danger Guerrero’s heart aflame.

This is why women are crazy. A breakdown of the differences between dress sizes across the fashion industry. [I Love Charts]

Every character on ‘The Office’ ranked from least funny to funniest. Whoa, Creed is only #8? That’s highway robbery. [Nerve]

This is me when I found out “The Paul Reiser Show” got canceled (via bunnyfood):

And, as promised, twirling Kelly Kapowski (via F Yeah 1990s):

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