Whoopi Goldberg Has Come To The Defense Of ‘The Boston Herald’s’ Racist Obama Cartoon

Just earlier today I mentioned that Whoopie Goldberg, noted racism expert, gave the introduction to a Tom and Jerry DVD set, in which she explained the casual racism that was prevalent at the time and why we shouldn’t wipe it from the present. In it, she makes some very good points. Less popular, however, is her opinion on this cartoon that ran in the Boston Herald skewering the White House Security breach with a cartoon that depicts Obama brushing his teeth as an intruder takes a bath behind him — asking him if he’s tried the new watermelon=flavored toothpaste. Yiiiiiikes.

The author of the cartoon is now obviously under quite a bit of fire for the cartoon, which he claims was intended to be a completely innocuous gag and didn’t pick up on the racial connotations, but come on. Whoopi is going with a strong take on this one though, insisting that she believes the author at face value. Her reasoning? Whoopi Goldberg also uses watermelon toothpaste.

I dunno. Before we tar and feather the guy, I guess it is possible that he forgot to pick his brain up from the brain repair store that day — but either way, I think the rest of us can all agree on one thing: Watermelon toothpaste sounds f*cking disgusting.

(Via Defamer)