Who’s More Punchable: Pete Campbell Or Joffrey?

Before we begin, let me first say: Vincent Kartheiser, who plays Mad Men‘s Pete Campbell, is legitimately insane.

Have you started to think about how close to the end the show is?
No. I try to live in the moment. [At this point, he gets up and grabs a purple pillow off a couch.]

What is happening?
Just put your shoes on this for a second. Yeaaaah.

Does that make you feel better?
They kind of match! They’re both purple! It’s kinda nice.

I feel bad stepping on it.
That’s okay. I was rubbing my ass on it all day. (Via)

I actually…like Vincent in interviews, at least until I remember he plays Pete and then I want to punch EVERYTHING. In fact, with Mad Men premiering on Sunday and Game of Thrones already back in our lives, Sunday nights are about to get both a lot better but also more murder-inducing. Pete and Jack Gleeson’s King Joffrey have that effect on people. But which of the two is MORE punchable? Let’s figure it out.

The Smile

The winner (meaning, who you want to punch more): Joffrey, obviously.

The Self-Satisfied Smirk

The winner: Pete. Eyebrows are evil.

The Punch/Slap

The winner: Joffrey. Look at how quickly the smugness dissolves from his face; Pete just goes down.

The Unfortunate Magazine Photoshoot

The winner: Pete. You just know he flips his hair while talking to you about grass fed beef.

The More Annoying Younger Version

The winner: f*ck Connor. With that tool that Joffrey made the one prostitute use on the other last season.

The Being a Creep to Women

The winner: Joffrey.

The Public Humiliation

The winner: Pete. I almost feel bad for him here, which makes me hate him that much more.

The Lightning Round (various examples without a theme)

The winner: Joffrey. THAT TONGUE.

The Photoshop

The winner: neither are particularly punch-worthy, but I’m choosing Joffrey because Pete’s is better.

THE OVERALL WINNER IS…PETE CAMPBELL. How are you going to celebrate?