Why Is Norman Reedus Keeping Andrew Lincoln’s Beard In His Fridge?

If you ever wondered just how close the cast of The Walking Dead was in real life, some of them are keeping pieces of each other in their fridge. That’s where Norman Reedus is currently keeping Andrew Lincoln’s beard at the moment and he posted some proof on his Instagram page:

Reedus, Lincoln and Greg Nicotero shed some light on this at Walker Stalker Con this past weekend, around a few guarded plot secrets of course. From Comic Book:

“You know what’s crazy is I have his beard in a ziploc bag in my refrigerator,” said Reedus. “True story.”

Lincoln added, “This is for real. He said to me, and he just went, when we had to do this…are we allowed to talk about it?”

Nicotero chimed in, “You can’t talk about that.”

“Whatever happens…when I died from the show this season,” joked Lincoln. “He says, ‘I want Andy’s DNA.’”

The reason for wanting that DNA is probably the best reason, although I don’t think it’s going to work the way he’s thinking:

Reedus revealed that it was so he could grow another Andy.

Lincoln quipped, “In fact, I’m the first clone here.”

So go ahead and start to speculate about why Rick Grimes loses his beard this season. I’m sure you’re dying to. You’d already know if you read the comic, of course. And you’d be disappointed. I mean, spoilers!

(Via Norman Reedus / Comic Book)