‘F*ck You, Network Goons’: Watch Wil Wheaton’s Hilarious Rage-And-Profanity-Fueled Beer Commercial

Newcastle is crushing it with their commercials lately, taking beloved Internet personalities and turning what it is we love about them all the way to 12 and ripping off the knob. You may remember Anna Kendrick’s commercial earlier this year, when she wondered if she was “beer commercial hot” (she is). She later pushed Newcastle wearing nothing but body paint (kind of).

Now comes King of the Geeks, Wil Wheaton, who is often known for giving perfect advice to bullied kids, telling newborns what it means to be a nerd, and telling stories so profoundly amazing that you’ll be weeping into your Cheerios.

This ad for Newcastle Scotch Ale shows a different side of Wheaton. Sure, you get to see him geek out about beer and the history behind Newcastle, but he also rants at “network goons” and complains about the construction outside the bar.

“When you think of great beer, I want you to think of Wil Wheaton. And I guess Newcastle. But mostly Wil Wheaton.”

via Adweek