The ‘Something Big’ That The ‘Will & Grace’ Cast Was Preparing Is A Hilarious Scene About The Election

After the core cast of Will & Grace started tweeting hints about “something big” over the weekend, fans of the show everywhere started to speculate about what the mysterious clues could possible mean. They included Eric McCormack back on set with a script, Megan Mullally “recognizing” the set all over again, and a few photos of the cast together, so the smart bet was on a reunion of some sort. It wasn’t a bad guess, especially after Netflix has brought shows like Arrested Development and Gilmore Girls back to life long after they took their final bow on traditional television.

The reunion guess looked even better on Monday when a short video was released that promised the return of the titular characters…in some form.

The red words in the teaser spell out “Will & Grace Is Back,” so on top of the fact that that each of the four central cast members tweeted out their I Love Lucy counterparts it would only make sense that there was some kind of reboot or reunion afoot. On Monday afternoon fans found out the truth with the release of a video labeled with the hashtag #VoteHoney. In it, Will and Grace and Jack and Karen debate over the Trump vs. Hillary decision and it’s no surprise who is on what side.

Will starts off as the only person who cares what is happening in politics at the moment, while Grace is more worried about the latest celebrity gossip. But once the conversation really gets going the pair is intensely pro-Hillary, as might be expected. Sure, at one point Grace calls her a former Secretary of Defense instead of Secretary of State, but it wouldn’t be a clip from this show if Grace didn’t mix up her facts a little bit and try to brush it off as no big deal. Jack, naturally, sits through an entire Hillary supporter diatribe (which Debra Messing pulls off like she never left the character) but is only convinced once Will tells him that Katy Perry is on Clinton’s side.

Is anybody surprised that Jack is swayed by the opinion of a world famous pop star with thick black hair and the ability to sing a great hook?

Karen’s intense racism should also be no surprise, but it does a great job setting up the dichotomy between two blocks of voters without being overtly mean. Karen Walker’s racism was always a part of the show, so despite it feeling a bit too topical right now (and without a surprise appearance of Shelley Morrison as Rosario) it still clicks in this setting and is pretty funny. What would a Will & Grace scene be without Karen’s millionaire awfulness and lack of basic human decency? Add a friendship between her, Stan, Trump, and Melania to the mix and Karen is one despicable GOP’er.

The callbacks in the clip are great too, as Sean Hayes’ Jack looks in the fridge and asks why everything “looks 10 years old in here.” With any luck the next reunion won’t be 10 years down the road. This cast is clicking like the show ended yesterday, so if there were ever a time for some streaming service to bring the good ol’ gang back full time now is a great one. As we look for more and more things to cheer us up in this election, Will & Grace returning to their comedy glory would be a huge help.