The Cast Of ‘Will & Grace’ Reunites To Tease ‘Something Big’

NBC’s Must See TV mainstay Will & Grace was never as popular as Seinfeld or Friends, or as witty as Frasier, but it was still a monumentally successful show, averaging over 17 million viewers at its peak and scooping up 16 Emmys. Plus, it gave us Megan Mullally, who is a treasure. The comedy, starring Eric McCormack as a gay lawyer and Debra Messing as his best friend, is also credited with doing “more to educate the American public [on gay rights] than almost anything anybody has ever done so far,” to quote Vice President Joe Biden.

Over the weekend, the happy cast, including McCormack, Messing, Mullally, and Sean Hayes (Big Bang Theory: Sheldon; Will & Grace: Jack), reunited at Nick Offerman’s comedy show, and they’re coyly teasing “something big.” Messing tweeted, “I feel like something BIG is going to happen tomorrow,” while McCormack added, “I used to be able to do this without glasses…” (The “this” is reading a script.) Mullaly also shared a photo from the show’s set.

If they’re hinting at another season, or a Gilmore Girls– and The X-Files-esque miniseries, now’s as good a time as any, I suppose: It’s been 10 years since Will & Grace went off the air. No one would be happier to suddenly have 10 new episodes appear on Netflix than Biden. He’s going to need something to do when he’s out of a job soon.

(Via Us Weekly)