Two Lives Hang In The Balance, And Other Takeaways From This Week’s ‘The Walking Dead’

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03.27.17 30 Comments

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Something They Need,” bounced back from last week’s clunker of an episode and put the series back on track as it heads into next week’s season finale, which we know from showrunner Scott Gimple will include “losses” and “betrayal.”

Here’s where we stand heading into the finale after an episode that jumped back and forth between several communities:

The Hilltop

The Hilltop has been in holding pattern for most of season 7B. In this week’s episode, it continued to dance around the point of contention: Maggie and Gregory cannot continue to coexist on The Hilltop. Gregory feels threatened by Maggie, as well he should be. Maggie has gained the respect and admiration of the community; she has shown them how to garden; she has trained them to fight; and she saved The Hilltop earlier this season from walkers the Saviors sent through the wall.

Meanwhile, Gregory appears to do little other than to drink. He runs from fights; he can’t protect even himself from walkers (much less the rest of the community), and even his one strength — an ability to negotiate with the Saviors — has proven to be an unremarkable asset after he lost Dr. Carson last week. On the other hand, Maggie needs Gregory at least as a figurehead because she cannot present herself as leader of The Hilltop to the Saviors, who think she is dead.

This week, Gregory attempted to murder Maggie, but not only did he chicken out, he had to rely on Maggie to save him from a walker. Gregory clearly recognizes that he’s lost his people to Maggie, but instead of supporting the resistance from the sidelines, Gregory has decided to travel to the Sanctuary and meet with Simon, which will not only put Maggie and the rest of the Hilltop in danger, but will probably cost him his life, Why? Because Negan — for all his bluster about loyalty — is no fan of snitches (see also: Spencer). Negan presumably believes that if someone can’t be loyal to his own people, then he’d never be loyal to Negan. He’s probably right. Gregory may be next week’s sneaky death, and I am here for it.

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