Will Ferrell And Adam McKay Are Bringing ‘The Flintstones’ Back To The Big Screen

Will Ferrell is once again going to dip his toes in the television adaptation pool and try to bring The Flintstones back to the big screen for Warner Bros. Ferrell and Adam Mckay have been tapped to revive the franchise, I assume to sell more vitamins and cereal? From Indiewire:

A full-length animated feature, THR reports that Ferrell and McKay are executive producing a version of “The Flintstones” for Warner Bros. via their Gary Sanchez shingle. The project is currently in development, and Chris Henchy, who wrote the Ferrell/Galifianakis comedy “The Campaign,” is writing the script (which may not bode well–that movie was pretty godawful, to be frank).

This follows the cancellation of a Seth Macfarlane produce reboot of The Flintstones for Fox and would be the first time back on in theaters since the live action prequel film Viva Rock Vegas.

I always had a soft spot for Fred Flinstone and family, even if they were a carbon copy riff on The Honeymooners. They are a piece of cultural history and I guess that’s a nice thought. Now, that doesn’t mean this entire project couldn’t be a pile of sh*t. It just means that I’m paying a little bit of attention.

Hopefully Ferrell and Mckay take Fred and Barney back to their old cigarette smoking days. Shrugging off work and loafing around smoking is clearly the proper way to go through life. I know I had to use a dinosaur to wash my dishes, I’d be smoking too.

(Via Deadline / Indiewire)