Will Ferrell and Nick Offerman Got Drunk on ‘The Today Show’

I really need to watch “The Today Show” more (I was burned yesterday when I turned it on, and boy band One Direction was performing. Get ready to spread the hate when they appear on “SNL.”) To promote his new Spanish-language movie, Casa de mi Padre, Will Ferrell appeared on the morning “news” program to chat with Matt Lauer. He later emerged again during the show’s boozier, Kathie Lee and Hoda-hosted fourth hour with Ron Swanson himself, Nick Offerman, who also appears in the film. They were both wearing bathrobes and drinking Bloody Marys, and the whole thing was adorable as it was amusing. At one point, Ferrell turned to Offerman and asked, “Are you as drunk as I am?” Offerman responsed: “Absolutely. Three sheets to the wind.”

Now, it’s not QUITE as good as when Joel McHale brought out the bottle of Macallan in 2010, but I think Ferrell and Offerman are challenging the “Community” star, who returns to Rockefeller Center on Thursday, to one-up himself. The booze is in your court, McHale. (Advice: bring back the drunk midgets dressed as Ewoks.)

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(Via BuzzFeed)