Will Ferrell Is Doing Those Weird Old Milwaukee Commercials In Sweden, And He Has A Mustache Now

Will Ferrell made waves on the Internet back in February when he did a weird-as-nuts commercial for Old Milwaukee. During the Super Bowl. In one market. In Nebraska. Yeah. The spot was incredibly cool and random, and was actually an extension of a series of ads he had done for the glorified tubwater in Davenport, Iowa. Will Ferrell is great. Strange, but great. Anyway, if you were as big of a fan of those spots as I was, I have a few pieces of good news for you:

  • They are back.
  • They are being filmed in Sweden.
  • Will Ferrell has a mustache now.

A YouTube user/hero named Pelle Bee has uploaded a bunch of the new spots, and they are, as you might suspect, terrific — although if someone wanted to buy Pelle Bee some damn connecty cables or something (I am really pretty good at technology) so we could have them in higher quality, that would be fine, too. I have posted my favorite of the batch after the jump. It is funny because the sign says “fart.”

Thanks to Burnsy for the tip