Will Ferrell Had To Do Something Disgusting After Choosing Not To Name The Most Difficult ‘SNL’ Host

Will Ferrell seems like a good guy. He hosts charity events, he’s politically active, he gave an inspiring commencement speech, and he’s good friends with Amy Poehler, and anyone who’s good friends with Amy Poehler must be a decent human being. The Anchorman star also doesn’t like throwing people under the bus, as we learned during Thursday night’s The Late Late Show.

While promoting Holmes & Watson, where he plays Sherlock Holmes to John C. Reilly’s John Watson, Ferrell participated in a little game called “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts.” The basic idea: ‘Fess up, or eat something gross. We’re talking turkey testicles, ant yogurt, water scorpion, fish eyes, cow tongue, and a raw clam shooter with Vienna Sausage juice. When host James Corden asked him to name the most difficult SNL host, Ferrell responded, “That’s easy,” before thinking twice about spilling the beans; he ate the clam shooter, instead.

Another challenge: his least favorite movie he’s starred in, or the ant yogurt. “They’re all like my children,” he said, stalling for time. Corden replied, “Which of your children is your least favorite?” Ferrell, once again, respectfully declined to answer (“Some just miss the mark”) and he dug into some ant-covered yogurt. Here, I’ll answer for him: Daddy’s Home 2. No ant yogurt for me!

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