Will Ferrell Takes A Moment On ‘Conan’ To Highlight Mark Wahlberg’s Weird Boston Friendships

Mark Wahlberg is from Boston. This tends to come up from time to time and Will Ferrell found out first-hand that the actor knows an obscene number of people in and around the city.

The cast of Daddy’s Home 2 popped by Conan to promote their upcoming comedy and Ferrell confirmed that not only is his frequent co-star popular in the Boston area, but he attracts a lot of attention. Sometimes it can be really weird and unwanted attention, although Ferrell says he had a great time taking it all in.

“Oh my gosh! It’s fantastic,” explains the SNL alum. “We’re in all these little towns. Framingham, Wellesley, Concord. And there was inevitably someone in every town that Mark knew. ‘Hey Mark!’ Mark! It’s me, Bleacher!’ And I’d be like ‘Mark, there’s some guy named Bleacher.’ ‘Yeah, that’s his name. He used to sleep in the bleachers.”

Wahlberg acknowledges that this is not only true, but that “there’s always some sort of debt, some sort of issue” when he interacts with these old friends and acquaintances. We’ll leave it to Mark to explain the guff he receives from his mother even with his celebrity status.

Daddy’s Home 2, which adds John Lithgow and Mel Gibson to the mix for the sequel, arrives in theaters on November 10.