Will Ferrell Mysteriously Shilled for Old Swill During Last Night’s Super Bowl

By now, you’ve probably seen and heard enough about most of last night’s Super Bowl commercials (maybe you’ve even seen this ranking of the top 10 commercials) that another Super Bowl commercial post is the last thing your hangover needs this morning. After all, you saw a great deal of the spots before the Super Bowl even aired. However, there was one Super Bowl ad you almost certainly didn’t see unless you live in Nebraska.

The ad is a continuation of those Old Milwaukee ads that Will Ferrell is mysteriously appearing in (for free). The first set in December were aired only in Davenport, Iowa, but last night’s was shown during halftime in a small area in Nebraska. Why Nebraska? Who the hell knows. What is the word bleeped out at the end of the commercial? Who the hell knows? Why isn’t there ONE decent copy of the ad anywhere on the Internet? Who the hell knows? It’s all part of the mystery, which will only be explained — I’m told — if Anchorman 2 finally gets a studio greenlight.