Will Ferrell Introduces The World To The Newer, Fashionable Santa Claus

Entertainment Writer

Will Ferrell updates Santa Claus for a newer age, bringing him from the North Pole to Cabo in an attempt to make the jolly old “phat” man a little more hip for today’s world. He might be around to promote his new film, Daddy’s Home, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to waste his time just talking about the film. He’s going to showcase this new Santa, bring some cheer to the audience, and then share some sweet tunes with everybody.

Ferrell’s new Santa has a fancy new haircut, some nice T-shirts that he attempts to shoot out to the crowd, and a theme song in the form of Smash Mouth’s “All Star.” He and Fallon break it down during a singing segment, giving it a little bit of a Christmas spin that’s sure to make you feel special (and sure to give Smash Mouth some terrible ideas).

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