Need Trump Knives? ‘The Knife Guys’ Will Ferrell And Ryan Gosling Have Some On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

A little over three years ago, actors Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling surprised the Jimmy Kimmel Live audience with an out-there bit called “The Knife Guys,” which is exactly what it sounds like — two knife salesmen who bill themselves as “The Knife Guys.” Back then, these alleged specialty knife experts tried to sell their wares via the wonderful means of a QVC show that just so happens to use the same studio space as Jimmy Kimmel’s nightly talk show. Now they’re back with a brand new stock of gold-plated supplies that are gonna be yuge!

Gosling was on to promote his new Shane Black-directed comedy, The Nice Guys, which was the perfect excuse to dust off the ol’ skit (and Ferrell) for another go-round. That, and who wouldn’t want the chance to lampoon the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, on national television? Hence the Knife Guys’ latest product, Trump Knives — the perfect knifey companion for a well-ish cooked portion of Trump Steaks.

“You can’t cut something classy with something trashy,” joked Ferrell. “For a top steak, you need a Trump Knife!” Which, it turns out, is a giant golden knife that looks more like something Rambo would throw into an opponent’s eye socket than use to slice and dice a piece of “filet mignon.”

It’s time to #MakeKnivesGreatAgain, and you can start by watching Ferrell feed Gosling a piece of “gold steak.”

Bottoms up, lil’ Gosling!