Will Ferrell Did The Best One Word Harrison Ford Impersonation And Sang With A Boys Choir On Letterman

Shortly after sharing the story of his first and only run-in with pre-crack confession Rob Ford with David Letterman last night, Will Ferrell continued his chat with Dave by revealing not only what it was like to work with Harrison Ford on the set of Anchorman 2, but also what it was like to make the most regrettable Harrison Ford-related decision of his life. Even worse than purchasing Crystal Skull on Blu-ray.

Will Ferrell singing Christmas songs with boys choirs is great and all if you want to skip ahead, but as far as I’m concerned his one word Harrison Ford impersonation at the 1:10 mark below is the most impressive thing he’s done throughout this Anchorman media blitz.

Maybe it’s my burning desire to hear Harrison Ford tell a great bad joke in person as some point before I die, but man I enjoyed that story a little too much. Let’s cap things off with “Christmas Time Is Here,” shall we?

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