Will Ferrell Gave A Shout-Out To Almost Everyone In His Life On ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’

Will Ferrell is a busy guy, promoting two movies (Daddy’s Home and Zoolander 2) basically at the same time. But Ferrell’s a pro. He know he has to commit to promotion, and his due diligence in making the rounds to talk shows and late-night gatherings are part of why he’s such a success. But let’s not forget that Will Ferrell is also a good man. He doesn’t forget where he comes from, and he won’t ever deny someone their deserved acknowledgments. So, tonight on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Will made good, and shouted out deserving people in his life.

He looked into the camera with his steely eyes and shouted out his agent, who still owes him for that lunch he bought. He then shouted out Enrique, a worker at Best Buy whom he slapped in the face as hard as he could for not having Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves in stock on Blu-Ray. This was not Enrique’s fault, and Will showed that he was truly sorry. He then shouted out a very specific AutoZone in Chicago for all of the great things they do. And there was also an interesting situation in which Richard Dreyfuss was surrounded by drones in a secure compound getting a shout-out by mistake.

This proves that Will Ferrell will always shout out those that deserve it. Always.

(Via Late Night with Seth Meyers)