06.03.09 9 years ago 2 Comments

Like many people, I’ve gotten kind of tired of Will Ferrell.  It’s not that he isn’t funny, I’m just fatigued from him ALWAYS being silly.  Even in interviews, he’s still in character, and the fact that he never seems like a regular human being makes me less likely to go see Land of the Lost (even though I probably will, because c’mon: dinosaurs).

And that’s what made last night’s “Man Vs. Wild” so enjoyable: there were moments of genuine awe and panic from Ferrell.  In the clips below, Bear Grylls actually trusts Ferrell with his life as he prepares to dead-man belay down a cliff, and then Ferrell reflects on the entire experience, sounding honestly impressed without pausing to tear off his clothes to reveal a skimpy leprechaun outfit. I admire that restraint.

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