Does Will Forte Have Poop Living In His Beard? Watch Him Test It Out On ‘The Tonight Show’

In case you hadn’t noticed, Will Forte has grown a spectacular beard in the style of Nick Offerman/Abraham Lincoln/hipsters everywhere and is rocking it all over town. But with a big beard comes an even bigger question: Is there poop hiding in all that glorious, glorious hair? He went on The Tonight Show to find out.

Here’s the scoop on that whole poop thing: A few months ago, a controversial article came out suggesting that when dudes with beards walk this earth, they’re spraying everyone around them with particles of poop that latched onto their face hairs the last time (and every time) they went to the bathroom. Then another article came out saying that the original article about poop was full of poop itself. Who to believe? You can’t trust just anyone. So that’s why Forte had to have his beard tested in front of the entire nation.

Does the guy have poop in his beard? Only one way to find out. (Don’t worry, this clip is very worth your while.) (Only partly because Rachel Dratch and Jon Hamm stop by for a surprise appearance.)

SPOILER ALERT: There is gross stuff in Forte’s beard, so if you’re a little squeamish about yeast or bacteria found in trash and dirty showers, the whole poop thing won’t even matter.

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