Will Forte Says There Was No Malice Involved In His Show Killing Trump’s Entire Administration

Last Sunday’s phenomenal return of The Last Man On Earth from winter hiatus gave us a bottle episode which provided a rare flashback glimpse at the unfolding apocalypse through the eyes of Kristen Wiig’s Pamela Brinton — a wealthy socialite who survives the virus unscathed, due to possibly being immune to it but also by stealing the keys to her poor deceased, dog food-eating frenemy Catherine’s doomsday bunker. (Although how grocery store shelves were cleared in the flashback, yet Tandy, Carol, and the gang always seem to find a plentiful source of canned goods and booze is a continuity error we suppose we can forgive.)

Without question, one of the highlights of the episode was in Pamela’s full realization at just how screwed they were when her logic of the President of the United States having a vaccine falls through, and the next thing we see is the memorial service of President Pence (circa 2020), followed by Paul Ryan, Rex Tillerson, Steven Mnuchin, Jeff Sessions (who evidently escaped perjury charges in this timeline), and finally, “the first female president” Betsy Devos.

For anyone unhappy with how the results of the 2016 election turned out, the twist was, shall we say, cathartic — despite the fact that every single person died. But in an interview with Entertainment Weekly ahead of this weekend’s new episode, Will Forte explained that why was no malice involved, and that the gag was not intended to be even remotely political.

[Laughs.] That’s kind of a Choose Your Own Adventure. We had a little fun with that. We just kind of dropped that in there. You know, it’s funny because we actually had come up with that joke before the election. It basically just happened that that was the way the election went, so I think all these people are like, “Oh! They’re getting [political]!” Really, that section was mainly to show how serious the virus was, and how seriously there was no vaccine. Because if there’s anybody who’s going to have a vaccine, it is the [highest] echelon of the government, so we thought that that was an interesting way to tell the story. How scary would that be if that started occurring around you to the people in charge? How scary that would be going through life — and how hopeless you would feel.

But one thing Forte refuses to reveal is what happened to Trump that led to Pence becoming president in the first place, whether it was due to impeachment or the virus or something else. “I don’t want to spoil it for the viewers because I want them to feel whatever they want to feel,” he reasoned. “What was your opinion? What do you think happened?”

Uhh, no comment.

(Via EW)