Will Forte Explains Why He Shaved Down Only Half Of His Head And Face

In case you hadn’t noticed, Will Forte was seen sporting a rather interesting fashion statement earlier this year, when he started turning up in public with half of his hair and scraggly Last Man on Earth beard shaved completely off, right down to his eyebrows — even attending the Critics’ Choice Awards looking that way. It really speaks to Forte’s craft that many people didn’t even question it. Personally I just assumed that they had finished filming for awhile, and he shaved half of his damn head just for the hell of it.

Forte discussed the wacky look while chatting with Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday night, however, and revealed that he actually did it for the show, and that somehow Phil Miller’s journey in the second half of season two will lead him (or someone else) to removing half of his head and facial hair. This shouldn’t come as a complete surprise because Mel Rodriguez also joined him, albeit to a much less noticeable degree.

It doesn’t sound like a flash-in-the-pan plot twist, either, as Forte also revealed that he had to keep it that way for four weeks of filming, which made for some interesting reactions from friends and strangers. Most actors could have pulled the look off with makeup and prosthetic, but again, most actors are not as dedicated to their craft as Will Forte is.