This Wild ‘Better Call Saul’ Theory May Hint At Spectacular Finale Guest Appearance

We all know where Better Call Saul is heading, but we don’t have a particularly good sense of when it will get to all the requisite plot points. However, there are several links between Saul Goodman and Mike Ehrmantraut that will inevitably transpire over the course of Better Call Saul.

At the moment, Mike Ehrmantraut is locked in a dispute with Hector Salamanca. Mike is formidable, but he’s one guy. He can inflict some damage — as he no doubt will with that nail-hose — but ultimately, it’s not a fight that Mike is going to win. Hector has an entire cartel at his disposal, so if Hector decides that he wants to kill Mike, Hector is going to kill Mike.

Unless someone steps in to protect him.

In season three of Breaking Bad, The Cousins (nephews of Hector, who we have already seen threaten Mike on this season of Saul), step into Walter White’s residence and, while Walter is showering, wait on his bed to kill him. Viewers may recall, however, that it was Mike Ehrmantraut who placed a call that ultimately saved Walter White. The call that Mike placed was to Gus Fring, who used his connections with the Juárez Cartel to call off the hit.

When the sh*t hits the fan between Mike and Hector, it may be Gus Fring, again, who steps in and and this time saves Mike. Mike, after all, does end up working for Gus Fring, and what we’re seeing with Hector may be the dispute that brings them together. I’m not entirely sure how this Mike-Gus-Hector triangle ultimately converges, but this season seems to be leading directly toward that point.

It may arrive sooner than we think.

I don’t typically like anagram theories, but this one is too hard to resist. A Redditor, cassieboy81, rearranged all the episode titles this season, and came up with a mind-blowing possibility:

Gloves Off
Bali Ha’i

“Fring’s Back.”

Coincidence? Anagrams are easy to manipulate, but in this case, it feels intentional, because the storyline is heading toward the natural introduction of Gus Fring, Mike’s future boss. What we don’t know is if Saul introduces Mike to Gus, or if Mike introduces Gus to Saul. The way the storyline is moving, however, it feels like the latter.

If there’s anything to that anagram, Gus may very well be arriving in the season finale. If it is true, it wouldn’t be the first time that Vince Gilligan and Co. used episode titles as a foreshadowing device.

(h/t Joanna Robinson and Jimmy M)