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Like “The O.C.” and “Desperate Housewives” before it, “Heroes” may resort to having two female characters kiss in a last-ditch effort to generate buzz about a dying show.  Last week, news broke that with Claire (Hayden Panettiere) going off to college, she’s going to get a roommate.  A sexy roommate.

Days after “Californication” co-star Madeline Zima was cast to play Claire Bennet’s (Hayden Panettiere) college roommate Gretchen in a multiepisode arc, Claire got herself yet another roommate.

“Days of Our Lives” co-star Rachel Melvin [Ed. Note: RAWR!] has been tapped to guest star and potentially recur on “Heroes” next season, playing Annie, who also will share sleeping quarters (and maybe more) with Claire. [THR]

And by “more” they mean “saliva.”  Listen, I’m all about hot chicks making out on TV, especially if all those studies about TV influencing people are true.  But start putting it in Season 1’s plot lines.  Don’t do it when you’re just obviously trying to get attention.  That’s like two chicks making out at a party.  Whoa, I just made an infinite metaphor loop.  I think I may have stopped time.

[via IGN/BuddyTV]

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