The 10 Most Pressing Questions After This Week’s Heart-Stopping ‘The Walking Dead’

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03.07.16 65 Comments

After a weird first half of a The Walking Dead episode dominated by relationship drama, director Greg Nicotero and writer Seth Hoffman ratcheted up the intensity levels in the second half of “Not Tomorrow Yet.” Having Negan lurking in the shadows of the series has kept everyone — from Rick and his crew to the viewers at home — alert to possible deaths. We know that Negan is just around the corner, but we don’t know which corner it is, so it makes every step forward terrifying. The back half of last night’s installment was heart-stopping, the kind of episode where the commercial breaks actually came as a relief.

It’s also one of those great The Walking Dead episodes that leaves us with a lot of questions. Here are the ten most pressing.

1. Who performed the song in the beginning of the episode?

It’s a really good song, right? It sounded like a cross between The Avett Brothers and The Old 97s. It’s actually an outfit out of Northampton, Massachusetts called Parsonsfield, named after a town in Maine in which they recorded a couple of their albums. The song is “Weeds or Wild Flowers,” and it is fantastic. The whole album is great. Check them out on Spotify.

2. Where the hell did the Tobin/Carol romance come from?

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