Will Mitt Romney Become the First Ever Cyborg to Host 'Saturday Night Live'?

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04.16.12 8 Comments

Two interesting tidbits about upcoming hosts of “Saturday Night Live” were revealed this weekend following a fairly mediocre episode. The first is New York Giants’ quarterback, Eli Manning, is set to host the show on May 5th. He’s the first quarterback (and NFL player) to host since his brother, Peyton, did so in 2007, and Eli’s bitch, Tom Brady, did so in 2004. I’m not sure what the source of comedy might be, but if the writers want to get topical, Eli could always play the fetus in a pro-life sketch. Still, if he’s half as good as his brother, it’ll be the best “SNL” of the year, not that it’s a particularly high bar for the 2011-2012 season where the best three best episodes were hosted by Jimmy Fallon and Bridesmaids’ alumns, Melissa McCarthy and Maya Rudolph.

The other, more interesting note is that Mitt Romney has been offered a guest spot on “SNL” by Lorne Michaels. Depending on who you ask, he’s been offered a cameo or a role as host of the show. Either way, Romney is purportedly mulling the offer. It’s basically the only thing he has in his arsenal to demonstrate that he’s an actual human being and not some pre-programmed pandering android. In fact, wouldn’t it be funny if he was brought in to play a pre-programmed pandering android?

Word is also that Jason Sudeikis and Kristen Wiig, the subject of rumors regarding their departure at the end of the season, may actually stick around through the election to continue playing Mitt and Ann Romney. Why? I don’t know, particularly since there’s usually only one political sketch in each episode, the cold open. In recent years, they’ve also been fangless and painfully unfunny, and it’s certainly not as if those two characters have reached the heights of Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin. But, if Romney ends up selecting Chris Christie, at least Bobby Moynihan will finally serve a purpose.

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