Will Smith, Helen Mirren, And Martin Freeman Share The Weird Places They’ve Been Noticed In Public

There’s a consensus near the end of this clip from Graham Norton that the bathroom is the worst place to be recognized if you’re famous. Will Smith, Martin Freeman, and Helen Mirren discuss some of the weirdest places they’ve ever been noticed in their careers and it seems that the bathroom is always the roughest. For Mirren, it’s waiting in line for the ladies room and getting picked out by a fan. “You’re stuck,” says Mirren and it’s an easy situation to picture thanks to zombie movies and your typical Black Friday stampede.

For Smith and Freeman, it seems to be the encounter at the urinal. It all breaks the code of the men’s bathroom, where talking should only happen if something amazing happens away from wherever you do your business or if you’re trying to bond with the poor guy who works in the bathroom. That’s why I kinda feel like Freeman’s story is fake, especially if it’s from when he was on The Office. Why point out what Martin Freeman is packing? You know everybody is only curious about Mackenzie Crook and whether he’s a goblin or something.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s Naomie Harris. She’s Moneypenny in the new Bond films, the lead in 28 Days Later, had a key role in those Pirates Of Caribbean films but still doesn’t get recognized like the others. Sure, one of those people is Will Smith and I would be surprised if he went unnoticed at any given moment in time, but you’d think someone would be able to spot out Harris.

(Via Graham Norton)