Things Get Weird In This Snickers ‘You’re Not Yourself’ Super Bowl Commercial With Willem Dafoe

It would be hard to follow up the success of last year’s Snickers Super Bowl commercial, which — just to remind you — featured Danny Trejo in character as “Machete” who actually turns out to be Marcia from The Brady Bunch after he gets a Snickers in him. They gave it the old college try, though, by putting Academy Award winning actor Willem Dafoe in a Marilyn Monroe dress and having him stand over a subway grate to recreate that scene from The Seven Year Itch. Things get almost dicey for a minute there before he gets to eat a Snickers, but thank god — THANK GOD — he was wearing a pair of bloomers under that thing.

Instead of Steve Buscemi this year, stick around for a random surprise cameo from Eugene Levy as the hapless cameraman tasked with filming a diva of the silver screen who just so happens to turn into Willem Dafoe when she gets hungry.

This is just the latest in Snickers “You’re Not Yourself When You’re Hungry” commercials with celebrity cameos. Other than Trejo’s spot last year, other commercials have featured Betty White and Abe Vigoda (RIP) as soccer players, Mr. Bean as a Kung Fu warrior, and Robin Williams (also RIP) as a football coach.

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