Willie Nelson Talked To Jimmy Kimmel About Getting Stoned On The White House Roof

Does Willie Nelson qualify for a Medal of Honor yet? How can we pay tribute to the best stoner storyteller? First, he’s nudging Snoop to take a quick unplanned trip to Amsterdam for some good times and a bucket of KFC. Next, we’re hearing he gets presidentially baked standing on top of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Wait, what?

It’s a story Nelson’s told for years, but he recently digressed during Jimmy Kimmel‘s week-long stay in Austin for South By Southwest:

Jimmy Kimmel: There’s a rumor that you once smoked pot on the roof of the White House. Now, I’m probably asking the wrong guy but did that happen?

Willie Nelson: I’ve heard that. I’ve heard that once you get up there that all the streets are coming at you from different directions.

Kimmel: And you have to do something to calm down.

Nelson: I would think so. If it ever happened, I definitely would have to calm down.

See what he did there? Nelson almost got away with not admitting he was on the White House roof with certain contraband. Kimmel pressed for more, asking his guest about former President Jimmy Carter:

Kimmel: Did [the president] know you were allegedly smoking pot on the roof of the White House?

Nelson: I forgot to tell him.

Chalk this up as another miss by the Secret Service.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)