Wilson Phillips Get a Comeback Reality Show

Wilson Phillips is BACK, people. Earlier this year, the ’90s pop group made a charming appearance in Bridesmaids, Chynna Phillips will be on this season of “Dancing with the Stars,” and now the TV Guide Network will make a reality show about the group’s comeback attempt.

The cable network has ordered a pilot for a show starring the band’s members — sisters Carnie Wilson and Wendy Wilson and best friend Chynna Phillips — as they juggle husbands and children in a quest to get back on top of the charts, a feat that challenges their friendship and sisterhood. [Deadline]

The pilot is slated to air “later this year,” a maddeningly unspecific amount of time for us Wilson Phillips fans to wait. But we can do this together. We just have to hold on for one more day. Yeah, I know that there is pain, but you hold on for one more day, and you break free right from the chains.

SOMEDAY SOMEBODY’S GONNA MAKE YOU WANNA TURN AROUND AND SAY GOODB– oh God, it’s in my head. There goes the rest of my day.

Did you know that this video has 124 “dislikes” on YouTube. Those people are MONSTERS.