'The Wire' Creator David Simon Is Writing A Musical About The Pogues

12.26.13 4 years ago 4 Comments

mcnulty drunk

Having finished writing his fan letter to New Orleans jazz with Treme, David Simon is going back to his first love: drunken scribbles that spell out Pogues lyrics in-between what appears to be drawings of American flags set ablaze. He’s a fun guy. Anyway, according to the Evening Herald, Simon, who frequently used the Pogues’ “The Body of an American” during funeral scenes on The Wire, is working on a musical based on Shane MacGowan’s teeth.

It sounds like the unlikeliest of collaborations – a musical written by The Wire creator David Simon based on Pogues songs. But it could well be coming to a theatre near you, with Simon reportedly having completed a first draft for a show that is sure to grab the interest of an Irish audience.

Simon’s script has been submitted to Druid’s artistic director Garry Hynes, though few details have emerged other than that the story is based on songs by the Pogues. (Via)

We’ll learn how much Simon hates his fans when he doesn’t cast McNulty as MacGowan.

(Via the Evening Herald)

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