Witness The Amazing ‘American Hustle’ Transformation Of Conan’s Hair Before The MTV Movie Awards

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04.14.14 2 Comments

One of the most mesmerizing scenes in American Hustle is the opening sequence that reveals the work involved in creating Christian Bale/Iriving’s fantastic hair. It’s like watching How It’s Made all wrapped up in a short little scene.

Conan of course is known for his hair and only his hair, so he had a little fun with American Hustle when he hosted the MTV Movie Awards over the weekend. It turns out that a head of hair like Conan’s isn’t easy to attain and it takes a lot of work to look as good as he does.

The end result is nothing short of magic, even if seeing a head shoved into a microwave brings back a lot of dark memories.

(Via Team Coco)

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