Woman Cries Over In-N-Out Burger


I moved to New York from California more than six years ago. And while Brooklyn feels like home to me, there are two things I’ll always miss about Cali: sunshine and In-N-Out Burger. No trip to California or Arizona or Vegas is complete until I go to In-N-Out. I have friends from D.C. who insist that Five Guys is better, and the ensuing arguments we had nearly ended the friendships. When I eat at Five Guys, I just get pissed that it’s not In-N-Out.

Anyway, In-N-Out is slowly creeping east, and in this Dallas news report about the opening of an In-N-Out in Frisco, Texas, a woman is moved to tears by the experience of eating a hamburger. Ridiculous? Yes. Does she have any sense of perspective? Probably not. Is she dangerously imbalanced? Entirely possible. Would I join her in crying on TV if it meant I got to eat In-N-Out today? Absolutely.

[Video: Dallas News via @jimmytraina and nextround; image via RoboShark]

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