Woman Drinks Her Own Pee on ‘My Strange Addiction’

In this Sunday’s season finale of “My Strange Addiction,” which has supplanted jazz and baseball as Most American Thing Ever, we meet 53-year-old Carrie. She’s been diagnosed with cancer, and believes there’s only one cure: drinking her own piss. She’s been consuming up to 80 ounces of pee every day for the last four years (that’s nearly 900 gallons) – usually in a glass, but occasionally through a Neti pot, which allows her to ingest it nasally. But lest you think that she didn’t truly earn her associate’s depee from Ole Piss, so to leak, know that she also bathes, washes her eyes, and brushes her teeth with her salty cure-all. (Pee puns are fun.)

“I like warm pee. It’s comforting…The first time I drank my urine, I didn’t throw up and it wasn’t horrible. So I thought, ‘You know what? I can do this.’ My urine does smell, depending on what I eat. Today it tastes a whole lot different than it did four years ago.” (MSNBPee)

But before you start not flushing, Helen Andrews of the British Dietetic Association warns:

“There are no health benefits to drinking your own urine, and in fact I think it could be quite detrimental. Each time you put it back it will come out again even more concentrated and that is not good for health as it could damage the gut. If you are stranded, your body will try to conserve as much water as it can. Drinking your urine would be like drinking seawater.” (Via)

And if you don’t trust her, “Robert B.” from Yahoo! Answers has you covered: “Your poop is refuse too, you wont eat that will you?” I think “My Strange Addiction” just found its season premiere.