Woman French Kisses Frog In Dating Site Ad

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02.16.13 5 Comments

Yeah, the look on her face pretty much says it all. Above is the ad for Zoosk — “the romantic social network” — in all of its, ah, “glory.” Perhaps they wanted to one-up Geico having a woman who wants to bone a pig in one of their spots.

Making this ad somewhat uncomfortable is the actress obviously not being into slathering her tongue all over a frog. Gee, we can’t imagine why! The thrust of the ad, of course, is that meeting people in the real world is difficult and that dating websites make it easier. In reality, the ad raises all sorts of questions.

So this woman met a frog, they obviously went on a date, and the frog was slick enough that she invited him up. We can see two scenarios in which this happens in the real world. The first is that she’s going to be on a reality show sooner rather than later. The second is that all of this was an elaborate scam to get the frog alone so she could lick it and start tripping.

So we guess one way or the other, this woman will be on a reality show sooner or later.

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