A Woman Publicly Shamed The Man Who Beat Her With A 'Honk If I'm A Scumbag' Sign

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12.21.13 15 Comments

In big going ons in the Dunce Cap industry, a woman who was groped and hit by a male stranger decided to not press charges against her attacker, instead resorting for the more visually effective punishment of making him hold a “I Beat Woman” sign in public. Last Saturday night, 20-year-old Tampa, Florida, resident Alisha Hessler went clubbing with her friends, when she met Gabriel Urena. According to WPTV, on the way back home, Urena “started making unwanted sexual advances toward [Hessler] in the backseat of the car.”

She says she asked him to stop, then hit him when he didn’t.

“That’s when he started beating me repeatedly until I had a broken nose and a concussion,” Hessler said.

On Sunday morning, police were called to her house and a police report was filed, and Hessler was taken to the hospital for her injuries.

But in a peculiar turn of events, she decided to not press charges. (Via)

Hessler found Urena on Facebook, and after noticing that he wrote “Lastnight was a wake-up call…I seriously need change” on his Wall, she offered him an ultimatum: “I can either press charges and have you arrested for a year, or I can have you sit outside at a busy intersection for eight hours holding up a sign that says I beat women.” He went with the latter, much to the delight of schoolmarms from the 1950s.

(Via WPTV)

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