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Huzzah!  The unholy televised abortion of unfunny sketches centered on effective-but-tired impressions known as “Frank TV” has been canceled!  Although Frank Caliendo will remain on FOX’s NFL pregame show, we can all sleep peacefully knowing that TBS will never again run another promo for “Frank TV.”

TBS will not be bringing back his sketch comedy series Frank TV for another season, but he has a signed a new deal to continue his role with Fox NFL Sunday for another two years.

The TBS comedy series, which debuted in November 2007, gained notoriety early on mostly because it was heavily promoted by the network during its baseball playoff broadcasts that year, enough so that even Caliendo would joke about it in subsequent interviews.

In case you’re wondering, the image here is my rendition of Frank Caliendo’s severed head skewered on a pike in hell.  I think art is best when it’s sincere, when it comes straight from the heart.

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