‘Do You Have Any Wood Alcohol?’ The Best Lines From ‘The League’

Well, they can’t all be “Bobbum Man.” Last night’s episode of The League, “The Bringer Show,” was probably the weakest episode of the season, though it was — as all The League episodes are — amusing. It was the annual Paul Scheer penned episode, which is not necessarily a bad thing, except that the focus tends to center on Andre, and the humor derived from that character is always at his expense, rather than being created by him. The point of Andre’s character is that he’s not funny, which can become exhausting when he’s the center of the main arc.

As far as “Best Lines” go, the premise kind of worked against itself, as Andre had to put on a show as a bad stand-up act, and the jokes reflected that. They were bad. Granted, they were intentionally bad, but it didn’t make them any less painful to hear. I did, however, appreciate the bye-week feat that Pete pulled over on Ruxin, while the LLC plot-line with Jenny also sputtered.

Alas, this is the short list of best lines this week.

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