Is This Woody Harrelson Scene In ‘True Detective’ A Clever Homage To ‘Kingpin’?

Remember episode three of True Detective, “The Locked Room,” and that strange argument that Marty had with Rust over Rust mowing his lawn? One of the curiosities about that scene was why Rust Cohle had borrowed Marty’s lawn mower in the first place. Rust lives in an apartment. Why would he have needed to borrow his lawn mower? UNLESS IT WAS TO MOW HIS VICTIMS TO DEATH?

Anyway, it was an odd way for the show to illustrate Marty’s jealousy over Rust talking to his wife, or was it? Many of the fine commenters here picked up the eerily similar connection between that lawn mower scene in True Detective and a Woody Harrelson scene with Roger Clemens from Kingpin. Slate was nice enough to edit down the relevant scene from Kingpin, so that we could add this post into the system for posterity and in recognition of Tubesteak and the rest of you pyschos who appropriately didn’t allow the allusion to slide. WHO YOU CALLIN’ A PSYCHO?

Turns out, Woody Harrelson just doesn’t like it when guys mow his lawn. Time really is a flat circle, y’all.

Coincidence or intentional reference? OR IS ROGER CLEMENS THE YELLOW KING?