The Guys From ‘Workaholics’ Completely Owned The Stage On ‘Conan’ With Their Best Friends Ballad

The guys from Workaholics dropped by Conan to promote the new season and managed to capture what it means to be a best friend in one magical ballad.

A best friend is something to be cherished. There are many hills and valleys to navigate together and it is the closest bond one could have with another person outside of romance (unless your wife is your best friend, *fart circles*).

What Blake, Adam, and Ders put together is something that manages to bottle up that incredible relationship and define it in a two-minute song. Sure it’s been done before, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have multiple takes on a concept. Conan jumps in to help out with guitar and Andy…well Andy just sort of takes it all in. He’s comfortable, both on the couch and with his best friend, Conan.

I will freely admit though, I got a little nervous when Conan picked up his guitar. I wanted to be like Elvis Costello and bust through my monitor to stop him. But it turned out nicely. I look forward to the return of Workaholics, the continuation of Conan into the near future, and plenty of Andy Richter doing whatever it is he does.

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(Via Team Coco)