The ‘Workaholics’ Team Want These Jokes Permanently Retired From Comedy

Workaholics is quietly one of Comedy Central’s longest running shows (among scripted series, it’s second only to South Park), but stars Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine, and Anders Holm are leaving TelAmeriCorp for good after season seven. “This is it, we think,” said Devine. “We’ve talked as a group. We kind of think now’s a good time to put it to bed,” although Anderson added, “We’re trying to at least take a lengthy break from it. We’re saying it’s the last season, for now.” But if Workaholics does indeed come back — maybe they want another dragon statue? — don’t expect to hear any “spoiler alert” jokes.

Executive producer John Quaintance recently tweeted “the two boards from the Workaholics writer’s room of comedy phrases that need to be retired, started season 2.” The joke clichés include “va-jay-jay,” “bag of dicks,” “lady boner,” “zero f*cks given,” “white people problems,” “awesome sauce,” “too soon,” “that happened one time,” “hard pass,” and “um, in English please.”

Other Twitter users, including many comedy writers, replied with their own suggestions, such as “boom,” “done and done,” “(sarcastic comment)… oh, wait,” “… is my spirit animal,” and “he’s standing right behind me, isn’t he?” Chris McKenna, who wrote some of the best episodes of American Dad! and Community, added, “Gotta check this tweet’s mouthfeel.” Fun fact: if you throw every word on these whiteboards into a Microsoft Word document and add “bazinga,” congrats, you’ve written an episode of The Big Bang Theory.

(Via Splitsider)

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