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Here’s a math problem. Emphasis on the word problem. The second spin-off of a show + Kim Kardashian + MTV veejay + other MTV veejay + the band responsible for “Drops of Jupiter” =

[Kardashian and Vanessa Minnillo] will be guest starring in an upcoming episode of CSI: NY along with Minnillo’s former TRL costar LaLa Vasquez and the members of the band Train.

“I am so excited to be working with Vanessa again,” Kardashian says. “I am fascinated by crime scene investigating. I swear, I wish I was a crime scene investigator sometimes!” [People]

Oh yes, I’m so excited to see Kardashian and Minnillo working together again, too! They were so terrific in Disaster Movie! I swear, I wish my fingers were more inclined to gouge out my own eyes sometimes!

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