Worst. Game Show. Ever.

01.31.11 7 years ago 7 Comments

Combine “Dating in the Dark” with “Fear Factor,” and you get “Total Blackout,” a European game show in which contestants must attempt challenges in complete darkness. In the clip below, the poor contestant unwittingly sticks his nose into another man’s ass. It’s seriously messed up — but that’s Scandinavia for you.

From a press release last fall:

Viewers of all ages will love Total Blackout, the hilarious new game show in which players are thrust into a room of total darkness to compete in a series of outrageous challenges. In order to emerge victorious into the light they must survive a series of knock-out rounds in which they come face-to-face with their worst nightmares. With unpredictable games that range from navigating your way around a sumo wrestler in a tiny room, to plunging your hand into a tank containing a live animal, it takes brains, courage and a sense of humour to survive this game. Seriously scary for contestants and devilishly funny for audiences, Total Blackout… has already received a fantastic reception internationally with pre-sales to broadcasters in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, and a Japanese version set to air on 30 October 2010.

Oh no, there’s a Japanese version now, too? That can’t be good. I’m terrified to think about the different combinations of marine life and human genitals that happen on that show.

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