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Mike Polk, creator of the awesomely bad Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Videos and author of Internet Hall of Fame article Look at my Striped Shirt!, has revealed his collection of TV credits, and they are… not impressive.  Funny, yes.  But not impressive.  As you can see above, Polk has kissed a tranny on “Jerry Springer,” creeped out Steve Guttenberg on Caroline Rhea’s short-lived talk show, serenaded Kim Kardashian on Telemundo, and made out with a male friend in the “Today Show” crowd solely to make Matt Lauer uncomfortable.  And the last clip got double the air time when Pat O’Brien showed it on “Access Hollywood.”

Wow.  I don’t think you could set out with a goal of creating the least impressive TV reel ever and still do as badly as this.  Kudos to Mike.  He’s kind of the Cleveland of comics.  But I mean that in a good way.

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