Take A Trip To ‘Wrecked’ Island With A New Floating Pop Up

Hitfix’s Miri Jedekin recently took a trip to Wrecked Island, a floating pop up that is traveling up the California coast from LA to San Diego for Comic Con, to celebrate the return of TBS’s castaway comedy. As Wrecked gears up for its second season, the cast is more than ready to dive back into the fast flying jokes that initially brought fans to the show.

After their plane crash lands on a deserted island, the characters on Wrecked have to band together to survive. While this may have led to drama on shows like Lost, Wrecked takes a hard turn into comedy instead. The longer the group is on the island, the more creative they have to get with their survival methods, with increasingly hilarious results. Terrible decisions will be made and already tenuous friendships will be tested, all with the hope that somehow they’ll get off the island and back to better cell service.

Pass the dried meat and get ready for the return of a comedy of not-so-quiet desperation. Will everyone get rescued this season? Honestly, we hope not.

Wrecked premieres June 20th at 10:00 EST on TBS. Check out the Wrecked Facebook page for more info about the Pop Up Island Tour.

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