‘W(TF)ilfred’ Recap: ‘Delusion’

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07.19.13 2 Comments

wilfred pipe

As Wilfred has dialed back on the bleakly dark comedy that defined the show in its first season, and the mythology that was so beautifully acknowledged in last year’s “Truth,” it’s worth asking: what is season three about? Maybe that isn’t a totally fair question (it’s a sitcom, after all), and I don’t mean it as a criticism, but unlike, say, 30 Rock or Happy Endings, which existed to tell jokes, whole jokes, and nothing but the jokes, so help us Liz Lemon, Wilfred doesn’t feel like it’s leading toward anything over the next four episodes. And it should.

For most of “Delusion,” the answer seemed to be, “Ryan and Jenna sitting in a tree…” but Ryan doesn’t have the balls to go through with it, and rather than profess his suppressed feelings, he instead trudges slowly back to his basement, to smoke weed by his lonesome. A part of me wishes he had gone through with it, no matter the result, not because I think Ryan and Jenna are the second coming of Jim and Pam, but because I want a little shot of momentum this season. Oh well, at least “Delusion” was consistently funny, with Wilfred getting some of the best lines of the season. I particularly liked his assessment of The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist as “beach reading.”

One thing I didn’t like: the drawing below, this week’s W(TF)ilfred “winner.”

wilfred bear

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