‘W(TF)ilfred’ Recap: ‘Perspective’

08.02.13 5 years ago 2 Comments

wilfred spaceship

Even a rushed, obvious conclusion couldn’t derail last night’s excellent Wilfred, the best episode of the season and one of the show’s finest overall. It was everything Wilfred can be and only sometimes is: funny, intelligent, focused, suspicious, and best of all, revealed that Wilfred is from another planet, not unlike Poochie.

The only difference being, Poochie died and Wilfred lived, because that Wilfred, the spotted one buried deep in Ryan’s subconscious, isn’t real; he’s Ryan searching for who or what Wilfred is, but even he can’t convince himself of this story. When you’re left without obvious answers to impossible questions, your mind goes to weird places, trying to make sense of the world, like dreaming of spaceships while you’re telling Cedric Daniels about the beast with four Matt Damon heads who felated you one night, each head performing a different, specific oral task.

“Perspective” is the episode this entire season has been heading toward, and it was a massive success. Speaking of successes: Wilfred’s WTF “trick” was not one of them. Not one of them at all.

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