'W(TF)ilfred' Recap: 'Suspicion'/'Sincerity'

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06.28.13 16 Comments

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Contest: name the superhero who appears in Wilfred’s otherwise dark drawing. We’ll choose two people at random later in the day: one wins Wilfred season two on DVD, the other Wilfred season two on Blu-Ray.

We all lie from time to time about who we really are. Sometimes the lies are to protect someone we’ve just met — like Kristen’s new almost-boyfriend did in “Suspicion,” but telling someone you’re trying to romance that you’re a gynecologist for an illegal prostitute might not be the best icebreaker. That’s not really a lie, though, so much as it’s leaving out a part of the truth. In the aptly-titled “Sincerity,” Ryan flat out pretends to be someone he’s not for the best and worst reason possible: to get laid. He becomes a “dog weirdo,” someone who talks to their pet in cutesy voices and gets further around the bases with Wilfred than most people do until they’re in high school. (I may be speaking from personal experience here.) Both episodes did a good job of not condemning those who fib, knowing full well that everyone does it. The key is to know when you’ve gone too far, and if you’re putting a duckbill on your dog as a muzzle because you want to do it doggie style with an old high school crush, you’ve probably gone too far. But hey, at least you’re not a cat person — those people have been lying to themselves since day one.


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